Fame and Fortune

The question was asked –
“It made me wonder if any major/well known authors have ever made it big time WITHOUT an agent!? ”

This is really quite lazy (of me, not of the question ;)). Just a list of links at the end.
Make of it what you will.
Of course, it’s a little one sided (in response to the above question). But there’s a lot of interesting stuff here to be soaked up whether you’re thinking of self-pubbing, or not.
Of course, the very few people here who ‘made it big’ are just a very few people. But they did it. It could be argued (in some cases) that they didn’t do it until after they’d secured an agent/’traditional’ publisher. Or it could be argued that after they’d made it big, an agent/publisher snapped them up. Or a self-pubbing author with an agent.
Hocking’s ‘why?’ blog is interesting. as is Rachel Abbott’s – a right mixed bag, that one.
What is self-publishing anyway? Arggh – Does fan-ficton -> traditional publishing count?
The usual names pop up. Hugh Howey, EL James, John Locke, Colleen Hoover, H.M.Ward, Amanda Hocking, Rachel Abbot…
“Oh, but they’re only the lucky ones who…” Blah blah blah. Kids growing up playing football look up to famous footballers. Kids growing up wanting to be in a band look up to famous musicians There are artists, celebrities, film directors. blah, blah, blah.
Do what you want.








The question was asked:
credit to
Duncan Bremner-Senogles – asked on Writer’s Chest FB page.

Also, for some reason I keep typing Agent with a capital A (just had to go back and edit the post)! I don’t know what that means.