Quick update.
It’s 22:22 – like the Regina Spektor Album, but twice. (Not a bad thing.)

“If you’re going to market your own book, be prepared to drop all that other shit you were going to do in the evenings.
But then, I did complete my MA in Creative Writing whilst playing Skyrim.
So I’m pretty well practiced.”

It is hard work! Well, it’s time consuming.
I’m going to start a diary (booo, I know.) and try to jot down ALL the stuff I do that’s writing related! Just to give you an idea of how much is involved.
Well, today, I took a day off. Went into Matlock with an old friend (sorry, friend I’ve known for a while). But before even that, I’d posted out a comp copy of The Lost Dark + promo pack to The Derby Telegraph. Posted a review of another book on Amazon and Goodreads. Fielded a review request. Re-Emailed someone about an email that got lost twice.
Then I went to Matlock.
Then I came back.
Dug out photos for an interview (STILL not sent). Downloaded a review copy of another book to my Kindle. Then emailed about that, and deleted old copies. Emailed someone else about an email that I think got lost. Added someone to Goodreads who sent me an email that got lost – which may have been the first one.
(sorry if this is boring/long – it’s kinda the point)
Bookmarked a couple more promotion opportunities.
‘Thought’ about what support material I need for my Indie Publishing Fair table at The Quad in Derby.
Played a bit of piano.
Tweaked my TO DO list.
Created a folder of ‘stuff I should have put in a folder, so I don’t forget it.’
Anyway, I’ve published Nano, so to cut a long story short –
Oh did I mention that I have been doing an interview for the local newspaper – The Derby Telegraph! No? I kinda did, but got confused back there.
Oh, and I have a stall at The Quad in Derby, promoting and selling The Lost Dark as part of their Independent Publishing Fair day. No?
You see, It’s all very confusing, very hard work, very draining. I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff.
Would I rather be doing something else?
Hell no!
Bring it on.


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