The Lost Dark is burbling along. I don’t think there’s a better word for it than that.
Had a wonderful interview with Elaine Aldred (which is not live yet)
about all things The Lost Dark, the writing process, inspiration. It’s funny, because Elaine was there at a Nottingham University Creative Writing group when I first wrote the short story that became the novel. Four years ago. And she remembers.
It was a great opportunity to talk not only about me, myself, and I, but to catch up on what the rest of the writing community is up to.

I’ve also run (co-hosted) a couple of workshops at Derby Scribes. I love being involved in groups at that level. I remember how I felt starting out at Nottingham University, and I like to give back some of that excitement and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, as has been the trend recently, I’ve not done much writing. Yeah – I know.
I’ve been spending far too much time making games using Unity3D. And yep, you guessed it, I have about eight ideas on the go right now. Who knows, maybe I’ll publish them one day. Writing games and being involved in games, also throws up some very interesting, sometimes controversial, payment models. It will be interesting to see if those ideas make it into books. To a degree they already have, with shorter serialised novels being available,or traditionally of course larger series/trilogies. But I’m thinking of the ‘other’ ideas. And I have a plan.

Damn – another plan. Need more Post-its.

Anyway, I’ve burbled along nicely now. Time to do some writing. No, really, The Pattern of Birds is calling.


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