Move along

Not a lot of writing.
Not a lot of reading.
Went to Amsterdam.
Bit of swimming and gardening.
Plenty of marketing.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at what makes effective marketing for books online. There are plenty of places offering advertising space or promotional packages. Some make great claims about traffic and tweet numbers. And well, If no one knows about The Lost Dark, then no one will buy it.

So – I’m in.

Whilst trawling the web for promotional offerings that I thought would best fit The Lost Dark, I came across a lot of sites declaring their Alexa Traffic Rank – almost all of which are pretty accurate, you’ll be pleased to know.
“What is Alexa Traffic Rank? The global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months.”
Turns out, there’s a Google plugin for that! And it’s great. It allows me to see which sites have ‘the best’ amount of traffic, so I can target them and weigh up their cost/package vs traffic. Simple huh? Well not quite. I think you have to balance that up with other things like their Twitter and Facebook fan-base and in some cases their ‘genre’ (though this can be fairly obvious by a scoot through other promotions they’ve done.) So a site with a lower Alexa rating, may have a huge Twitter following – again easily checked by, er, checking them on twitter – and a lot of Facebook fans/likes.

I’ve also done a couple of interviews and author bio updates. And there are a few Q&A sessions I’d like to do.
Will it all work and make a me a millionaire overnight? I’ve been in the writing circle and publishing stories for a long time now, so I already know the answer to that. Will it get The Lost Dark into more reader’s hands? Build credibility for the book, the author, the ‘brand’. That’s the plan. And it’s also great fun.
So when I say not a lot of writing, not a lot of reading, I was kinda lying. A little fib. I’ve been doing loads. But it’s been for the other side of the fence.

Amsterdam? It was great. Peaceful. I bumped into a complete stranger (friend of a friend of a friend of a friend – Yeah, I know) and we got chatting books, and stories. She told me about her story, how it came about, it’s background. I love talking stories, and I love how animated and involved people become telling them. It reminds me that storytelling is not all words on a page – and if you know me, you’ll know how broad my love of storytelling is – books, movies, video games, interactive media and orally… I’ll do a follow up post on cross media storytelling soon. And my storytelling workshop. And my interactive storytelling ‘game’.

Oh, and I have been swimming, and the back lawn looks marvelous.

Look out for The Lost Dark promo stuff happening in June. It’s looking busy! And in July? I have plans for that too.