The weather.

Okay, first thing’s first. The sun is out, and I’m sitting inside. I’m staring out a loft window at an almost perfectly blue sky. Right – that’s that out the way.

The Lost Dark is going well.
I got back to work after a week in sunny Scarborough, to find people queuing up to have me sign their paperback copies! What a wonderful feeling. It made me feel proud at what I’d done, but also very appreciative of the support and good will of others.

I’ve updated with some teaser/info blurbs about the book, and added subscription and share links. That kind of thing.
The teasers are mostly about inspirations for the story, or places in the story. Hopefully they’ll give people an insight into how real places make it into fiction. They should also pique the readers interest by giving away tiny snippets of what the story might be about.
I found it quite hard to offer real content without it becoming ‘spoilers’. But then, believe me when I say, I’ve had plenty of experience writing synopsis and blurbs- so that helped.

Next on the list, I plan to add a cover art album. I want to share the concept covers, and show how they evolved over time to become the finished product. Hopefully I can expand on why I chose certain ideas over others, the input from people that made me change my mind, or steer me. Honestly? I could write a book on the cover design alone.

So far, marketing The Lost Dark has consisted of Facebook,Twitter, Word of mouth and help from people like Jenny – , Wilf Morgan over at, and Janet at work for a spot in the company newsletter. Now, I need to step it up a bit. Now, I need to build that reader base, get reviews in, spread the word. I’ll post more on marketing specifics next(ish).

But now, right now, I’m sorting out a short story for possible anthology submission. It gives me a break and breathing space from The Lost Dark.

Right – that’s that out the way.
Of course, all of the above, is only going on when I’m not staring out a loft window at an almost perfectly blue sky.


Updating Lost Dark Website

I’m currently updating with info-blurbs and teasers, which I plan to keep rolling out in the future.
Playing about with an email subscription system.
I have other plans for content which I’ll post later.

Also, huge thanks to Jenny Roman for this, my first guest blog:

Have a scoot round Jenny’s blog, there are some very interesting articles on writing.