They always get you in the end… Psychogeography part 2.

I’ve had another short story published in The Derby Telegraph. Full page spread with picture again. 28th November 2011.
So, I’m obviously very pleased with that.
It’s called Hopper. And I wrote it TEN YEARS AGO! Or thereabouts. maybe older.

I also recently had a piece published in my company newsletter, on the subject of Psychogeography. It was part history lesson, part spooky tale…

So, Hopper..
It’s been knocking about in my ‘bottom drawer’, but when the Derby Telegraph asked for submissions from local writers, well , of course I was only too happy to offload it onto them.
When I wrote it, I wanted to invent a new urban legend. It’s based around a very real, fairly local area in Morley. It’s well known to the whole of my family and anyone whose ever driven through it would surely remember it.
I’m glad the story is out there. I like to think that I may have scared a few more people (The DT has a readership of 120 thousand !!!)

So, Psychogeography…
The piece was very well received by my friends, sorry, colleagues at work – mainly because I used our office building as a clever geographical hook to bring the reader into the story and, well, scare them…

So, I guess the point is, scaring people is fun. Bringing a reader ‘onboard’ by making them somehow physically attached to a story is, well, scary. The other point is geography and time. Geography seems important. Neither of these stories would have worked on outsiders (okay, Hopper would, but it wouldn’t have had that same effect that I wanted to achieve!) But time? Time sifts through itself (as Regina would say).
And bottom drawers can sometimes hold top drawer stuff!