Social Networking works

Lots more writing during my MA ‘break’.
A piece written off the back of MA adaptation session to be published with SwampWriting online.
A short piece published online with Clinicality Press.

The Clinicality Press piece was interesting. I previously bought two Clinicality anthologies and figured they would be ideal to place a few of my short stories. However, they advertised on their webpage that they were not open to submissions.
Some months later (now) I FB friended them and noticed that they ‘were’ open to submissions after all (despite their webpage still saying otherwise). I emailed them and included a link to my blog published works link.
They emailed back saying that they very much enjoyed reading Why my Wife’s dad… and that if I had more work representative of that piece, I should send them.
So I did!
I got another great reply saying they loved the pieces

“these are great! Absolutely killer stuff, and just what we like at Clinicality.”

and that one would be published online on their blog/zine (She Loves Me…) and another would be ‘earmarked’ for inclusion in their anthology.
So, Social Networking works. And knowing your market, er knows.

Oh, and I’ve been ‘commissioned’ to write apiece for the company newsletter. Which I have done. More on that AFTER it’s been read by all my friends – sorry – colleagues. 😉