Children of the Ash. The End.

I just completed my children’s novel – Children of the Ash.
Well, when I say completed, I mean, er, finished. No, er.
Here starts the fun stuff. It’s 30k And as is usual with me, I havn’t even spell checked it yet.
I have a small clutch of Post Its that I wrote ‘ideas’ on and I know there are a couple that should make it into the story.
So, this is where that revist, redraft, rework comes into play.
(Graham Joyce drew us a wonderful triangle at a lecture which I vaguely remember 😉 )
In my head, there was something of a different ending, a bit further on down the timeline, but everything just flowed to a natural conclusion and, for now, I’m happy that I didn’t have to decide! Joseph and Kae (the protagonists) did all the hard work.

The world grew and moved. The characters moved and grew and changed.
Ah, fond memories.

So, while that stews for a while, settles and calms, I think I’ll start something new.
The Pattern of Birds is my hot favourite and GemmaFree is just crying out for a world to live in.
Having said that, Roger Eagle is still sending me pages made up of cut out letters from glossy magazines. But then, that’s a whole ‘nother story.


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