A (nother) year spent writing.

So, 1st year of MA done. Dusted. Jeez, that went fast.
Out of the five or so pieces I wrote specifically for Fiction workshops, Merry Go Round came 2nd in Writers’ Forum Magazine (May 2011) and Why My Wife’s Dad Doesn’t Like Me was commended on Cazart.co.uk.
So, a productive year all in all 🙂
More than just ‘learning the craft’ it’s inspired me, and makes me want to keep pushing myself. With that in mind I’m ‘revisiting’ the synopsis for my novel The Lost Dark and trawling through possible agents for that.
And I’m concentrating on completing my children’s novel, Children of the Ash.
Whilst all that’s going on, I’m keeping an eye out for more competition entries for short stories (inc. Flash and nano).
I have this crazy idea that I can get all my Fiction workgroup pieces published. Well, I do like a challenge.
Oh, and I am now a qualified First Aider!


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