When finished is still not quite finished.

I’ve finished  the ‘first edit’ of my novel.

Reading it mostly like a story, looking for obvious grammatical errors and making sure the whole story still hangs together.  It’s been pretty good fun!  Reading it from the start, knowing what I do now about how it all hangs together.  It pretty much grew ‘organically’, driven by the characters so it’s nice to know it still makes sense.

I still need to give it a more technical edit to really tighten it up, I know for a fact that my WP replaced a load of.

I’ve also tidied up/amalgamated the chapters and sketched out the chapter summaries in preperation for a final synopsis.  There’s so much stuff going on, I found it quite difficult to decide what to summarise!! I wonder if I should maybe have written something a bit less exciting 🙂

During all that nonsense, I’ve still had time  to write some shorts.  I even polished one up and sent it in for another competition entry!

The pieces I submitted to Slingink (five flash fiction)are published now (see published links)

And at the end of the year, I have two more pieces of Nano Fiction being published with Leaf Books.

Beeston Writers Group is still keeping me occupied and amused as well.

This morning I went for a walk in some pretty awesome ‘weather’ down some abandoned railway lines and over to a 1000 year old Motte.  And right now, it’s MotoGP from Indianapolis.

So it’s not all work, work, work 😉