When Finished isn’t quite the right word.

On July 10th I finished my Novel.

Well, finished isn’t really the right word, but yeah, I wrote the last line and ‘closed the book’.

It sat at 79800 words (approx).

I am currently editing. Editing? Boring? Hellish?. Nope. I’m quite enjoying it! I get to revisit the whole book from page one and it’s actually exciting.

(Am I a freak?)

Now, bear in mind I haven’t even spell checked any of it and there are still ## do this bit ## markers in there, there’s plenty still to do.

And don’t even get me started on what colour the characters eyes are or how tall they are. Please.

I’m guessing it’ll end up around the 90k mark by the time it’s finished again.

Then I’ll go back and edit it again, again.

Oh, and is it wrong that I’m already writing ‘Do this in the sequel’ Post-Its and Index Cards?

I don’t know.

Never written a sequel before.


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